19 August 2013

Puppy Love, Hamilton, Montana

There’s a reason it’s called “puppy love”.
Puppies are kinda like babies in that when you meet a sweet one, you want one of your own - at least for that moment when you’re enamoured of the sweet eyes, those velvety ears, that playful pause in tossing the random leaf. But beyond the smitten moment, commitment is required to create a life-long delightful friendship. Raising a dog ain’t just a walk in the bark park.
Likewise, puppy love needs a little more consideration before being acted on. I’ve heard it said that we spend more time researching and educating ourselves for the purchase of a car than we do for the choice of who we’ll marry. Well, here’s a little help via books that were answers to my prayers when I needed re-education on true love: “Finding the Love of Your Life” by Neil Clark Warren; “Mars and Venus On A Date” by John Gray; and “How to Know If Someone’s Worth Pursuing In Two Dates Or Less” by Neil Clark Warren.
They’re all broken into digestible doses and read easily and engagingly, so if you or someone you know is ready to move beyond puppy love, you'll enjoy them as an investment towards a healthier future.

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