04 April 2014

Venting, Missoula, Montana

A big thanks out into the universe to the get-'er-done pickup truck guy who sponsored my very own laugh-out-loud moment during Thursday morning’s traffic light backlog. Despite the stopped automobiles blocking his right turn escape route from the Reserve & Mullan intersection, our daring driver thought outside the box that would keep him needlessly waiting five car lengths back. Since that last vehicle in line was really only blocking half a truck width to prevent access to the empty turn lane, he simply & logically decided to annex the empty sidewalk and ease on down the road.
Have big wheels, will travel. 

It was a quirky reminder that the can-do attitude is still alive & kicking in Montana. 

For a positive business angle on keeping things moving, check out the newly released State business plan from Governor Bullock’s team for the Main Street Montana Project.

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