01 April 2014

Winter Revisited, Lewistown, Montana

Just when you thought I was done featuring snow and cold, switching for the next seven months to strictly sunshine and flowers and bunnies... April Fools!
Actually, the following poem by Walt McDonald, discovered a few posts ago, inspired me to roll out a favourite winter scene that illustrates the words quite well. (And when I took this photo, the weather was precisely as described!)  I just couldn't store this verbal loveliness away until next winter. Whether or not you've ever lived on a farm, enjoy.

Hammering Ice to Slush 
by Walt McDonald

Wind flings snow over stalks like cobblestones.
Cattle wait out the storm in windbreaks
far from barns. They know when it’s over

we’ll drive out on tractors, hauling hay
and hard alfalfa pellets. They fear no evil,
since every dawn we come and hammer ice to slush.

Nights, we rock in the dark and watch for stars.
Children we raised are safe in cities lit
by a billion kilowatts. We know spring runoff

will water summer’s hay, we’ll own the ranch
someday, if luck and hard work save us, if God’s
still in his heaven, if we’re still on the earth.

Read more by this poet here.


  1. you got me...when I saw your pic on my dashboard I gasped! ;~0 Love the poetry you are sharing as well!!
    Now I'm off ot ask my son if he heard the buses are cancelled... wink;) Isn't April Fool's fun?

  2. Oh, the joys of children in the house! Have fun!


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