03 April 2014

Riffled Reflection, Missoula, Montana

Sure, it's cheesy, but go ahead and say what you thought as soon as you read the post title. (You know you want to, even though it’s terribly silly and reveals you watched a tad bit much TV in the 1980s.) Fine, then - we’ll say it together, superfluous rolling Rs and all: Rrrriffles have rrrridges
I know - it's a sad little pun for such a lovely, golden dusk scene, during original enjoyment of which I disturbed a couple mallard ducks and a white tail deer. Not bad for a  a commercially located section of Grant Creek. It’s a wonderful thing about Montana: you don’t have to leave the city (a relative term, of course) to experience raw, natural wonder. As my New Jersey-born brother-in-law might say: Ain’t that the limit?!

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