12 November 2014

Ascending - University Peak, Missoula, Montana

Complimentary genetics and general good health create space for leniency (ie. at first glance, you might not see my sneaky fat), but yesterday’s Health Fair numbers don’t lie: in hard currency, my value-added voluptuousness equates to a personal portfolio increase of nine extra pounds over the past year, which puts me in the red - not to mention making me a tad peeved at self.
In the interest of correcting my bottom line, I’m grateful a couple more mountain climbs are ahead this season.  But true market correction will come from inflated occurrence of lunchtime and evening neighborhood walks, plus light weight training. 
Modest but consistent deposits pay notable dividends in the long term. 
(Repeat as needed, preferably to a move-motivating soundtrack of 120 beats per minute.)


  1. See, this is why I keep coming back...stuff I can so relate to;-) ugh!

    This shot is spectacular. I can't really even imagine standing in such a place as this. WOW!!

    1. Well, if I can make it to this spot, you could, too!


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