13 November 2014

Wee Fall Fern, Frosted - Missoula, Montana

Today's title could have grown alliteratively excessive: Found Frosted Fall Fern Forest Foliage... any additions spring to mind?

En route to University Peak, I became a bit fascinated by what plants were growing at varied distances above the valley floor, and a week into November, no less.  These ferns were about 45 minutes into the hike, up numerous switchbacks, and still frosted at 9:50 AM; the principal red frond was about 4 inches long. Conveniently,
20-second photo stops also provided a breath-catching, muscle-resting, dignity reclaiming excuse.

Random wondering while writing this: Was the red fern in Wilson Rawls' book, "Where the Red Fern Grows" an autumn-hued symbol, or plant perpetually russet-hued?

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